Larry King

International Media Icon

David Bradford

Tech Hall of Fame Member and CEO of 2 of America’s 50 Fastest Growing Tech Companies; the “Human Internet.”

Roger Love

World’s leading Voice Coach who has trained Maroon 5, Tyra Banks, Suzie Orman, the Beach Boys, & Tony Robbins on Speaking with Authority, Clarity and Conviction

Harvey Mackay

NY Times best selling author of not 1 but 2 of the top 15 most inspirational books ever written.



Danny Southwick
Chief Content Officer. Producer,; Researcher, High Performance Institute.

Larry King
Founder, 25 years Larry King Live on CNN, Tweeter in Chief.

Shawn King
Founder, Chief Talent Officer. Co-founder of Ora TV. Producer and creator of Larry King NOW. Former television host of Hollywood Insider and creator of Luxurious Hair beauty products.

David Bradford
Founder – Company Architect, Utah Tech Hall of Fame, Run 2 of America’s 50 Fastest growing Tech companies, Contributed VIEW Technology to Communication U, The Human Internet.

Dan Southwick
COO. Serial entrepreneur. Involved in several online businesses since 2003.


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